About Partners for Progressive Israel

Olive branches held for peace

Partners for Progressive Israel (formerly Meretz USA) is a progressive American Zionist non-profit organization, dedicated to two essential goals: 

  1. The achievement of a durable and just peace between Israel and all its neighbors, especially the Palestinian people, based on a negotiated two-state solution.
  2. The realization of human and civil rights, equality and social justice, and environmental sustainability, for all of Israel's inhabitants.

Partners for Progressive Israel, through its projects, encourages American Jews to develop a direct, personal involvement with Israel, in particular through involvement with the country's progressive groups. Partners for Progressive Israel also strengthens these ties in the United States by offering educational events, in-depth analysis of developments in Israel, forums for discussion of these developments, and avenues for supporting Israeli groups working to advance our goals.

Partners for Progressive Israel is an organization of American Jews who love Israel and who are deeply concerned over its future as a democratic and Jewish-majority state.  We express this love and concern through the following projects:

  • “Intern in Israel Initiative”: We provide travel grants to young American Jews who wish to volunteer their time, energy and expertise with one of the many Israeli NGOs working for peace, democracy, social justice, and human and civil rights.
  • Building a progressive learning community:  We promote an in-depth conversation about the challenges facing Israel.  This includes hosting speakers from Israel, a topical electronic newsletter, and the creation of a new way to teach about Israel in Hebrew schools (in development).
  • Progressive Zionist blog and think-tank:  We feature a high-level progressive Zionist blog, and have plans to develop an accompanying progressive Zionist think-tank.
  • “Israel Symposium”: We conduct intense, high-level, weeklong travel/study programs in Israel that allow participants to meet, learn from and build bridges with key Israeli and Palestinian policy and opinion-makers, Arab and Jewish social activists, journalists, academics, authors, and artists.  
  • Street Demonstrations: We are taking direct action, mobilizing American Jews who love and support Israel, but feel that its present government’s policies are endangering the country’s future.